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I am LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) web programmer, based in India. I have spent 5 years in the corporate world as a website developer.
I have built a large website portfolio with my customers , to across the India and all over the world. I take pride in my work and the majority of my clients bring me repeat business and referrals.

I feel I have been successful, not just because of my web programming skills, but because I am a reliable and dependable web programmer that can be trusted to follow through with my work.

I enjoy working directly with my clients, rather than having project managers involved. Even though I seldom meet my clients in person, I am able to effectively communicate via email and on the phone to complete the website development project to their specifications.

I develop web application with Rapid development that meets the objectives and the requirements. I develop prototypes with HTML / CSS / JavaScript with an analysis of the system requirements. All the custom web development projects are built using MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework using Smart.

for projects write to bhavinrana07[@]


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Professional & Experienced Freelance Developer From India, Technologist, Software Engineer, internet marketer and Open Sources Developer with experience in Finance, Telecoms and the Media. Contact Me for freelancing projects.

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