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Benefits of Hiring Freelance PHP Programmers or PHP Web Developers

Before you hire a contact a Freelance programmer to design your website or put more features into your website, you need to know which programming language will be helpful for your website as well as affordable for your budget. in case you want a dynamic website to show your business products in front of your viewers with several drop down features then you should hire a freelance dedicated programmer to decorate your website.

But which Programming language will be beneficial for you? Nowadays mostly three types of programmers are leading in the market, java Freelance programmers, dot net Freelance programmers and PHP Freelance programmers. Now, whom to choose and whom to ignore? also how to decide which programming language will be best for your application.

How can I decide on the best programming technology for my web project?

  • You will save financially because you won't be starting from scratch
  • Your website will continue to improve as the Content Management System Improves
  • You will be working with Systems that have a large number of excellent developers 
  • There are already a large number of extensions developed for these Systems that will help you expand the functionality of your website at a minimal cost
  • You will have the option to create custom functionality as needed
Before you hire somebody, first you need to concentrate on your clear requirements. If your website deals with simple products which you want to display dynamically with exclusive drop down features, if your products are not video files and honestly, if you don't require vast security in your website then PHP will be the best for you.

Everyone who deals with small business and is trying to develop a money making website, they normally are bound with a fixed budget. The expenditure factor is really a very serious issue to them and thus here also PHP takes one step ahead than other scripting languages. As PHP is an open source language, it does not require any kind of costly registration process. PHP can run in cheap servers and for storing the data, it can use the free databases which also do not required costly registration affairs.

Not only for small business websites, PHP Freelancing India and PHP  Freelance programmer can also organize giant business goals like informative forums, chatting platforms, CRM solutions, e-commerce shopping carts, community websites etc. PHP scripting also takes upper hand in database usability for data storing, serialization, creating web forms, calculating viewers by cookies and sessions, superb file management system, using arrays and Creation of XML scripts for huge number of product list for e-commerce websites. 

Conclusion is, when you have limited budget and you are sure and clear about your requirements, its better to go with hiring a Expert Freelance PHP Developer. hope this information helps. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to Hire PHP Programmer for Developing Your Business Site

If you are doing or planning to do an online business then your programmer is the first person who converts your thought into reality. Suppose you have a fantastic online business concept and does not have any web development skill. Then the first thing you do is to hire a web developer to convert your fantastic concept into reality. It is true that we also need to create an infrastructure to host your website but it is always comes after your website get fully prepared. Also if your concept is very crucial or big then your biggest investment will be the cost of web development, in other word the cost of programmers. So before you waste your big chunk from your budget you should always take right person for your web development.

If your programmer will have good technical skill then he can make your website very good. If your programmer will have knowledge of your business domain then definitely he can add few things which can add value to your business.

Source to Hire PHP Programmer

If you have understanding about importance of PHP programmer in your business and their category then the next thing is the source from where you can hire PHP programmer.

There are various sources available to hire PHP programmer/Developer. Following are some important source to hire PHP programmer.

1) From your local place: If you know any PHP Developer or got reference from somebody.

2) From Freelancing web portals: For example, etc.

3) From Web development Company: You can also go for specific web development company to hire PHP Developer.

Process to Hire PHP Developer

If you have decided your source and model of hiring them by following way you can finalize.

1. Always evaluate some of the past work done by your programmer/web development company. Do not evaluate the work on the basis of design or feature. Always evaluate on the basis of the success of the website in business. Means if they have a successful business client then definitely they know the real trick on performance and production challenges occur in the website.
2. Take some reference contact from company/programmer and call them to evaluate about behavior and quality of work.
3. If you are going to hire a programmer on dedicated model then first hire a third person(with good PHP skill) to evaluate your programmer's technical skill.
4. If you are contracting your project on fixed cost then always write everything in your project requirement document clearly. Because counterparty always estimate on the basis of your project requirement.

Model of Hiring PHP Programmer for your Project

From any of the above source you can hire PHP programmer/Developer in following engagement model:

1. Fixed Cost/ Project work Basis
2. Dedicated Model

1) Fixed Cost / Project Work Basis: You can hire PHP Developer on the basis of your work. In this model you need to give the business requirement and you get a fixed quote for your work. If you are hiring programmer then always write everything in your requirement document. Be clear about your requirement and understand what your programmer is assuming. This model is only useful if your concept about your work is crystal clear.

2) Dedicated Model: You can also hire a programmer on dedicated model. In this model you get charged for the number of hour spent by developer on your project. This model is useful if you are not certain about your project requirement. Also in case of regular maintenance of your running website you can hire PHP programmer in this model.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hire PHP Programmer and Get More Than Just Programming

PHP programmers do not just restrict themselves to one area. You need to diversify. One of the most basic things to know is the database management system, MySQL. Most of the jobs you will come across require that you be familiar with what is abbreviated as “LAMP.” These initials stand for Linux, Apache, MySQL as well as PHP. No one will hire PHP programmer simply on the strength of a diploma or degree certificate. You need to go an extra mile and diversify your knowledge.

Anyone aspiring to become a computer programmer should first enroll at a university or college. To specialize on PHP, you should take extra courses or read widely on the subject. There are numerous tutorial websites with free access that can be of great assistance. Ask your friends or college mates to hook you up with programming jigs even if they do not pay much. These will give you an opportunity to gain the much needed experience. It will also boost your resume and put you at an advantage should some employer be seeking to H
ire PHP Programmer.

Some employers do accept other related degrees or college diplomas. The qualification range depends on the nature of the task. It also depends on how big or small a firm is. The business can hire PHP programmer on permanent or temporary basis. For informal jobs, the qualifications aspect is more relaxed. Employers only need some form of proof that a person can handle PHP. You should prepare a portfolio detailing websites several web applications. This can serve as a bargaining chip in the absence of top qualifications.
Freelance Web Developer use PHP programming language a lot. It is a language whose versatility makes it a popular choice. Thus when a business needs to hire PHP programmer, it has the option of giving him/her a permanent job, a freelancing contract or remote telecommuting assignment. While making a hiring decision, an employer seeks for someone with knowledge, experience and problem solving abilities. The programmer should be capable of dealing with different types of servers. Most permanent jobs require at least a Computer Science degree.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer for Custom Website Development

Hired PHP Developer provides ideal solutions for your requirements. They provide you with excellent suggestion according to your business specifications. They constantly handle your website daily, so that you can completely focus more on various other business developments. They assist you simply by saving lots of time, money and other resources too. They will dedicatedly work only on your project and give comprehensive web development solution as per your requirements.

A business owner usually gives top priority to their consumers, so if your business services is user-friendly then you have possible opportunity to get excellent profit from the business. If your business website is user-friendly, easy in navigation, full-functional, interesting design then you can certainly concentrate on your customer as well as accomplish your company objective. Because of this reason, they hire dedicated PHP Developer for custom PHP Website Development, who work for them and gives best website development solution according to their business needs.

Nowadays, PHP is much more accepting in web development platform to develop business & ecommerce websites for different businesses. Numerous Company owners prefer PHP for their Company Website Development. PHP based web development is much more clear, strong, flexible and full-functional. PHP supports wide range of database as well as works with different operating systems, so company owner can develop functions rich ecommerce web application or website for their business.

They have wide range of experience in Website Customization, integration, maintenance and development. They have got expertise in numerous web design & development tools & technology. They also have ability to build dynamic websites for all kinds of business. They usually provide technical support when required.

How Freelancers Can Make the Best Use of Social Networking Sites

People from all walks of life want to see their relationships turning into cash cows. The time, effort and patience put together to maintain a strong networking portfolio is immense, so it has to be paid off as well. No one builds a strong professional network just for fun. It is meant for real business, real-time negotiations and serious business talks. That is why freelancers need to be active socialites.

Social networking sites are the ideal platforms for this. This is the place where business ideas are shared in volume, projects are being discussed in depth, negotiations and deals happen like corporate and things get rolling like life never ends. Whether it is to find jobs for freelancers or to find freelancers for outsourced jobs there is no substitute of a well-maintained networking portal.

Almost every popular networking site has got millions of users across the world. Most of them have their own reasons or choice of thoughts to become a member. However, the goal is almost same for all. Freelancers need new projects to make money and project holders need to crowdsource their job to capable workers. Both can meet over in a neutral place say, any networking portal, get to know each other's interests and preferences and finally set the common terms.

Create strong portfolio mentioning all your specialties:
To start with any networking relationships, profile bio or introductory note is the section one has to be really careful about. This shows who you are, what you do and how does it matter to others. Profile information has to be delicate, true, detailed and personalized. After all you are the best person to trumpet your own drum. Mention your skills, educational qualifications, bragging rights, achievements and number of successfully handled projects. Visually appealing profiles that are updated and have right people in community win majority of the deals.

Get along with new people:
There is no better place than a community-based networking site to do this. More the number of friends, partners, followers, subscribers and contacts you have, better is the chance to get regular and high-value projects. It is good if you can manage a filtered list of all potential contacts and use them to build further relationships. It is beneficial in either way - quality work and good pay-out.
Networking portals apply auto suggestion tools that can help find friends, partners and peers of similar interests.

Ask for referrals:
Almost all professional networking sites do have referral/recommendation system that works wonders for freelancers. One can directly communicate with peers, previous clients to ask their favor and apply the same for self-promotion. Most importantly this service comes at no cost. You can also find companies for full-time or part-time jobs.

Take part in contests:
Enter some competitions/ contests to get your work viewed by others. Freelance photographers, journalists, programmers and developers, designers often submit their work in different portals and get rewarded. Certain social media sites offer such services for free and help freelancers earn some freebies.

good social networking efforts can make you more business then SEO can do for you.


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