Thursday, November 1, 2018

Reasons Why Business Owners Should Go for PHP Web Development Services

Quick Development

A website developed on PHP doesn't prove a burden on the server. Since PHP Development uses its own memory space, it reduces the loading time. It processes everything fast and therefore, web applications like e-commerce, CRM, CMS, and forums are developed on PHP.

Higher Returns

Any businessman would count on excessive returns on funding. In a extremely aggressive enterprise surroundings, that you must seize the eye of tourists; as soon as they repeatedly go to your web sites, that you must convert them from guests to clients. Since PHP provides dynamic web site creation, you get extra guests in your web site. This implies excessive returns in your funding.


If you have basic knowledge about PHP, you can easily improve your knowledge using guidelines and references available online. Chat with support groups, ask questions in forums and contact PHP Development support teams on the Internet. In addition, you have full access to the online library for more knowledge about PHP web development services. And remember, this support is available in different languages.

PHP Software is Easily Maintained and Updated

Due to easily decipherable syntax, PHP code can be freely modified and changed. It means, there are no problems with maintaining and updating PHP-based projects. They can be quickly and cost-effectively adjusted to innovative apps that enter the market and to the new business requirements. And due to open-source contribution, new functionality meeting the emerging needs of businesses pops up regularly and costs nothing. And since PHP code is written in a consistent and distinct manner, maintenance and support can be provided by any team, not obligatory the one which developed the project.


The online business has a big disadvantage: viruses and malware. PHP gives you more security levels for your site, so you can easily protect your site from malicious attacks and viruses.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why are more programmers not freelance these days?

I have a job that I'm currently happy with. I work regularly and get paid regularly. Of course there's always too much things to do, but still, the work is mostly interesting and the workload is approximately constant and predictable. Hardly so with freelancing (think of work requests as a Poisson process, and how the stability of frequency depends on the average frequency; a cafeteria with 10 customers and 1 toilet is not linearly proportional to a cafeteria with 100 customers and 10 toilets, i.e. the queue is not similar).
Going freelance would require me to do all the marketing, selling, bureaucracy etc. boring and scary (but admittedly, important) stuff. Actually I don't think I could do it successfully. At least I would hate it.

People start working for companies because of other benefits you get from salaried jobs, social activities, girls, regular pay rise and of course tried and tested path for the most of us.

When you are freelancing, you are on your own, irregular project orders may be, bidding for projects can be confusing as in how much to bid, is it very high or very low. After some experience you start bidding accurately but that takes some time. While not having projects, loneliness makes you start thinking negatively. Many people who are freelancing I am sure are well organized and they know how to get the most of them. They are busy bees most of the day and they get to enjoy their flexible timings.

Ok, two myths there: 1) Pay - it may look like there are wide gaps but there are a lot of hidden costs to employing someone that a contractor or freelancer has to bear for themselves 2) No overtime. Really? It may not be called overtime but you're not liable to have to work any less hard.

On top of which - depending on location - employees get paid holiday and all sorts of other benefits (e.g. pensions, paid sick leave) that freelancers have to fund themselves (c.f. hidden costs above).

Further, a freelancer has to do all the stuff that programmers often struggle with - find business in the first place, manage the work they have, invoice, chase invoices, chase invoices some more (getting paid is much, much easier when the company runs a payroll every month), deal with taxes and expenses and capital allowances and all sorts of things that you tend not to have to worry about as an employee.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Benefits of Hiring Freelance PHP Programmers or PHP Web Developers

Before you hire a contact a Freelance programmer to design your website or put more features into your website, you need to know which programming language will be helpful for your website as well as affordable for your budget. in case you want a dynamic website to show your business products in front of your viewers with several drop down features then you should hire a freelance dedicated programmer to decorate your website.

But which Programming language will be beneficial for you? Nowadays mostly three types of programmers are leading in the market, java Freelance programmers, dot net Freelance programmers and PHP Freelance programmers. Now, whom to choose and whom to ignore? also how to decide which programming language will be best for your application.

How can I decide on the best programming technology for my web project?

  • You will save financially because you won't be starting from scratch
  • Your website will continue to improve as the Content Management System Improves
  • You will be working with Systems that have a large number of excellent developers 
  • There are already a large number of extensions developed for these Systems that will help you expand the functionality of your website at a minimal cost
  • You will have the option to create custom functionality as needed
Before you hire somebody, first you need to concentrate on your clear requirements. If your website deals with simple products which you want to display dynamically with exclusive drop down features, if your products are not video files and honestly, if you don't require vast security in your website then PHP will be the best for you.

Everyone who deals with small business and is trying to develop a money making website, they normally are bound with a fixed budget. The expenditure factor is really a very serious issue to them and thus here also PHP takes one step ahead than other scripting languages. As PHP is an open source language, it does not require any kind of costly registration process. PHP can run in cheap servers and for storing the data, it can use the free databases which also do not required costly registration affairs.

Not only for small business websites, PHP Freelancing India and PHP  Freelance programmer can also organize giant business goals like informative forums, chatting platforms, CRM solutions, e-commerce shopping carts, community websites etc. PHP scripting also takes upper hand in database usability for data storing, serialization, creating web forms, calculating viewers by cookies and sessions, superb file management system, using arrays and Creation of XML scripts for huge number of product list for e-commerce websites. 

Conclusion is, when you have limited budget and you are sure and clear about your requirements, its better to go with hiring a Expert Freelance PHP Developer. hope this information helps. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to Hire PHP Programmer for Developing Your Business Site

If you are doing or planning to do an online business then your programmer is the first person who converts your thought into reality. Suppose you have a fantastic online business concept and does not have any web development skill. Then the first thing you do is to hire a web developer to convert your fantastic concept into reality. It is true that we also need to create an infrastructure to host your website but it is always comes after your website get fully prepared. Also if your concept is very crucial or big then your biggest investment will be the cost of web development, in other word the cost of programmers. So before you waste your big chunk from your budget you should always take right person for your web development.

If your programmer will have good technical skill then he can make your website very good. If your programmer will have knowledge of your business domain then definitely he can add few things which can add value to your business.

Source to Hire PHP Programmer

If you have understanding about importance of PHP programmer in your business and their category then the next thing is the source from where you can hire PHP programmer.

There are various sources available to hire PHP programmer/Developer. Following are some important source to hire PHP programmer.

1) From your local place: If you know any PHP Developer or got reference from somebody.

2) From Freelancing web portals: For example, etc.

3) From Web development Company: You can also go for specific web development company to hire PHP Developer.

Process to Hire PHP Developer

If you have decided your source and model of hiring them by following way you can finalize.

1. Always evaluate some of the past work done by your programmer/web development company. Do not evaluate the work on the basis of design or feature. Always evaluate on the basis of the success of the website in business. Means if they have a successful business client then definitely they know the real trick on performance and production challenges occur in the website.
2. Take some reference contact from company/programmer and call them to evaluate about behavior and quality of work.
3. If you are going to hire a programmer on dedicated model then first hire a third person(with good PHP skill) to evaluate your programmer's technical skill.
4. If you are contracting your project on fixed cost then always write everything in your project requirement document clearly. Because counterparty always estimate on the basis of your project requirement.

Model of Hiring PHP Programmer for your Project

From any of the above source you can hire PHP programmer/Developer in following engagement model:

1. Fixed Cost/ Project work Basis
2. Dedicated Model

1) Fixed Cost / Project Work Basis: You can hire PHP Developer on the basis of your work. In this model you need to give the business requirement and you get a fixed quote for your work. If you are hiring programmer then always write everything in your requirement document. Be clear about your requirement and understand what your programmer is assuming. This model is only useful if your concept about your work is crystal clear.

2) Dedicated Model: You can also hire a programmer on dedicated model. In this model you get charged for the number of hour spent by developer on your project. This model is useful if you are not certain about your project requirement. Also in case of regular maintenance of your running website you can hire PHP programmer in this model.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hire PHP Programmer and Get More Than Just Programming

PHP programmers do not just restrict themselves to one area. You need to diversify. One of the most basic things to know is the database management system, MySQL. Most of the jobs you will come across require that you be familiar with what is abbreviated as “LAMP.” These initials stand for Linux, Apache, MySQL as well as PHP. No one will hire PHP programmer simply on the strength of a diploma or degree certificate. You need to go an extra mile and diversify your knowledge.

Anyone aspiring to become a computer programmer should first enroll at a university or college. To specialize on PHP, you should take extra courses or read widely on the subject. There are numerous tutorial websites with free access that can be of great assistance. Ask your friends or college mates to hook you up with programming jigs even if they do not pay much. These will give you an opportunity to gain the much needed experience. It will also boost your resume and put you at an advantage should some employer be seeking to H
ire PHP Programmer.

Some employers do accept other related degrees or college diplomas. The qualification range depends on the nature of the task. It also depends on how big or small a firm is. The business can hire PHP programmer on permanent or temporary basis. For informal jobs, the qualifications aspect is more relaxed. Employers only need some form of proof that a person can handle PHP. You should prepare a portfolio detailing websites several web applications. This can serve as a bargaining chip in the absence of top qualifications.
Freelance Web Developer use PHP programming language a lot. It is a language whose versatility makes it a popular choice. Thus when a business needs to hire PHP programmer, it has the option of giving him/her a permanent job, a freelancing contract or remote telecommuting assignment. While making a hiring decision, an employer seeks for someone with knowledge, experience and problem solving abilities. The programmer should be capable of dealing with different types of servers. Most permanent jobs require at least a Computer Science degree.


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