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Backup and maintain multiple WordPress installs effortlessly with WP Remote

What does WP Remote do?

WP Remote provides a single place to monitor and update all of your WordPress sites. It handles updates to installed plugins and themes remotely via the WP Remote website and provides quick access to core updates. It can also create full off-site backups.

What can’t I do with WP Remote?

WP Remote is a tool for managing site version updates and backups; you cannot make any kind of editorial changes such as updates to site content, users, settings etc. It does not currently create automatic backups although this is planned.

How does WP Remote work?

WP Remote consists of two parts, a website interface allowing you to log in and manage all of your sites and a plugin that is installed on each site. The plugin installation can be done via the WP Remote website.

Who is it for?

WP Remote is aimed at developers and users with multiple WordPress sites.

Will it update all my plugins?

WP Remote can remotely update any plugins that can be updated via the WordPress updates page, it does not work with some premium plugins.

Will it update all my themes?

WP Remote can remotely update any themes that can be updated via the WordPress updates page, it does not work with some premium themes.

How is it secure?

WP Remote communicates with your site using an API key (like Akismet). It will never ask for your WordPress username or password. The API key is unique to the combination of your site and user and is stored in encrypted form. WP Remote also uses https. Backups are stored on Amazon S3 using 256bit AES encryption.

How do I add a site?

Adding a new site is simple, you do not even have to leave the WP Remote website.
  1. Register an account with WP Remote
  2. Add a new site (give site name and URL)
  3. You will be prompted through the steps of installing the WP Remote plug-in and activating it with an API key.

The plugin is asking me for my API key, where do I get one?

If you have installed the plugin before adding the site on WP Remote, you will need to log in to WP Remote and add your site name and url. It will then generate the unique API key required to activate the plugin.

Where are my backups stored?

Backup files are stored off-site on Amazon S3 and are available for download via the Backups section of each site.

My site is showing up as red?

The site shows as red if there is an error connecting to the site, the API key incorrect or the WP Remote plug in is not installed on the site.

My site is showing up as yellow?

The site shows as yellow when updates are available for WordPress or installed plugins or themes.

My plugins or themes are not updating?

WordPress needs to have the correct permissions to write files to your site otherwise it will not be able to update themes or plugins for you. We recommend correcting the permissions and refresh this site. See for details.

I’ve lost my password?

Use the “I’ve forgotten my password” link on the log-in screen to generate an email with a link to reset your password.

I can’t remember my user name?

You can log-in using your email address as well as your user name, if you can’t remember any of your login information then send us an email at and we’ll try and help you recover it.

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