Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why hook_form not working

Why hook_form not working

Hi Googler,
i was working on drupal and come to know this problem, 

I have a module which I have defined a hook_form hook,
but it was not working, after some investigation I have found that hook_form is only called when a node type is defined by a module.
so, what is mean by “a node type defined by a module”?
In drupal , we can define a module type in 2 place, one is in module’s installation file.
for example:

$test_type = array(
    ‘type’ => ‘test’,
    ‘name’ => st(‘Test’),
    ‘module’ => ‘node’,
    ‘custom’ => TRUE,
    ‘modified’ => TRUE,
    ‘locked’ => FALSE,
  $test_type = (object) _node_type_set_defaults($test_type);

above code, create a node type through “node_type_save” , function.
the other place is use hook_node_info function in a module file.
for example:

function test_node_info() {
  return array(
    ‘teiqcase’ => array(
      ‘name’ => t(‘test’),
      ‘module’ => ‘test’,
      ‘description’ => t(“Test”),
      ‘has_title’ => TRUE,
      ‘title_label’ => t(‘Test’),
      ‘has_body’ => FALSE,
      ‘body_label’ => t(‘Body’),

above also create a node type ‘test’ , but this one did not use ‘node_type_save’ function, hence, it called “a node type defined by a module”.
so to make a node type work with “hook_form”, we should not use ‘node_type_save’ to define a node type, but use “hook_node_info” to define a node type
above only works for Drupal 6, drupal 7′s hook_form is totally different.

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