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How to find a good freelancer? Get PHP Freelancer In India, Get Freelance Web Developer

How to find a good freelancer? Get PHP Freelancer In India, Get Freelance Web Developer

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Google, for all its virtues, has failed us here. Searches around the topic of freelancers yield an overwhelming number of contest, bidding, and crowd-sourcing sites… which the majority of experienced designers avoid like the plague. If you want something unrealistically cheap and enjoy such pastimes as Russian Roulette, then you have found your holy grail in these sites. Good luck to you.

What’s wrong with contest/crowd-sourcing sites? Think about it. Assume you are a lawyer with all of the appropriate education and experience. A firm approaches you and says: “We are asking 1000 people at random to work for us for a month, we’re not going to provide the resources needed to do the job properly, pay is below minimum wage, and we are only going to pay one of you.” Would you bite? No. No professional would. The only people working in those situations are the desperate and the unqualified.

If you have been struggling with questions such as how to find a freelancer or where to find a web developer, graphical artist or PPC specialist the chances are you will find your answers here.  Please see below the list of 25 best places to find freelancers and small companies providing a broad variety of services.  This list links you to the 25 most popular freelancing directories, market places and other sites frequented by freelancers.  These websites give you the access to great variety of talent such as Programmers (Web developers, Software developers, Mobile and Database specialists, etc.), Graphic Designers, Writers, Marketing and Advertising specialists, SEO/SEM/SMM, Legal gurus, virtual assistants, data entry specialists, and so on.

You won’t make an impression (at least, not a good one) if you look dishevelled, disorganized, or overly casual. But also pick something that makes you feel good—a great dress or those new shoes you’ve been wanting to wear will help you exude confidence in what can be an uncomfortable setting.

If you are in need of some fast money, and you are looking to make it online, then you should look into freelancing for others. With freelancing you can make anywhere between 10 to 20 bucks an hour depending on how fast you are and what the pay is.
The only way you are going to make good money with freelancing is that you know how to write and type fast, or it will not be worth the time that you are spending into it. But that does not mean that you should not pursue it if you do not have those skills, because you can always learn. And what better way to get paid as you learn. Just make sure that the articles you write are of good quality so they will be accepted.

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