Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zend Framework Enabling , Switching ,Disabling Layouts ,Using Layout Helpers

Zend Framework Enabling , Switching ,Disabling Layouts ,Using Layout Helpers

This line represents the location within the template where the content that makes up your site's various pages (views) will be injected. Therefore, to add a header and footer to your site template all you need to do is code around this line, for instance:

Enabling Layout Management

Oddly, the Zend Framework's layout feature isn't enabled by default. To enable this feature you'll need to navigate to your application's home directory and use the Zend_Tool utility. Executing this command will create a directory named layouts within your project's application directory, and within it, a file named layout.phtml. Open this file and you'll see just a single.

Switching Layouts

Disabling Layouts

Using Layout Helpers

if you are developer then i dont think i have to write more lines for understanding.

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