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Use Magento to Build E-Stores / Shopping Carts of All Sizes And Shapes

Use Magento to Build E-Stores / Shopping Carts of All Sizes And Shapes

Applications are developed in a variety of different languages.

With more than 350 million users on the net across the world, the potential market for your products is huge.

Some more Features of Magento (and they are only getting started):

* Relevant RSS Feeds

* Filtering to Display only Specific Item Types

* Customizable Wish list

* Popular Products Cloud

* Tagging Items

* Compare Products

* Send to a Friend

The payment methods are highly secure yet simple and quick.
I need to develop a site in Magento. What should I do? Not very tech savvy? Programming sounds so much like gobbledygook? And want to establish a web presence for yourself or your company?
There are two kinds of Magento: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition – this genrally used by large stores with thousands of products than can confuse buyers, Magento provides shoppers with the following features as they browse for items.

Our Magento Service Offerings:

1. Online Store Development using Magento Open source platform

2. Magento Customization

3. Magento Themes Design

4. Magento Themes Development and Integration

5. Magento Module Installation

6. Custom Designed Landing Page

7. Shopping Cart

8. Payment Gateway Integration

9. Magento eCommerce with Search Engine Optimization

10. Magento Template Design and Integration

There are three major categories of Magento modules:

* Core Modules

* Community Modules

* Commercial Modules

Core and Community modules can be installed via the administration area. Commercial module pages provide price information and a link to an external website.

Some of the advantages of using Magento for an e-commerce store:

* Versatility and freedom – easily add new products to your store using the Magento CMS.

* SEO optimized to help attract visitors helping your business grow.

* Expand your market – reach out to a wider range of potential customers.

* From your mom and pop outfits, to department stores and large malls, Magento can be used to design and develop them all for the web.

Magento Development provides its own customized payment gateway that you can set as per your merchant account. Optionally, you easily integrate Magento with any of the major payment gateways like PayPal, or Google Checkout.

With its large stack of prepared graphics for web pages called Website Themes and Page Templates, you can create an online store with simple points and clicks and Magento's uses don't end there. After all, you are conducting a business on the net and there are credit transactions involved!

i love to work with Magento. :D

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