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Guidelines For Selecting a Professional Cakephp Developer For Cakephp Development

Guidelines For Selecting a Professional Cakephp Developer For Cakephp Development

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While Choosing a CakePHP Developer You need to keep in mind following points : 

  • A cakephp developer having years of experience must also know about Cakephp google map API integration and cakephp amazon API integration.
  • Experienced cakephp developers / programmer have complete knowledge about cakephp programming, coding and developing cakephp custom components too that enhance the productivity of your website or web application.
  • Professional cakephp developers and freelancers also offer cakephp template design services that make your website look professional and appealing to the target audience.
  • Next, the cakephp developer and freelancer must also offer regular application maintenance as well cakephp website maintenance services including technical support, upgradation & troubleshooting so that your website or web application runs in the most effective manner.
  • A major part of cakephp development India is shopping cart development using AJAX. If you are about to launch an e-commerce website that needs to have a dynamic shopping cart functionality, the cakephp developer must be well-aware about the knitty-gritties involved in this.
  • The cakephp developer should also know how to integrate your cakephp website with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Goggle+. Next, the developer should also know how to implement complex Cakephp facebook connect integration projects.
  • Further, he or she should have profound knowledge of technologies such as Php, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, MySQL and AJAX.
  • Offshore cakephp development projects to a cakephp developer who has atleast 3 to 4 years of extensive experience in implementing different kinds of cakephp website development projects.
So, how do you select a cakephp developer or programmer who is professional and well-qualified? Well, mentioned below are some basic things which you need to ask before hiring a cakephp developer.
Cakephp is an open source web application framework which is based on the php programming language. The crux of cakephp lies in MVC, a coding pattern which helps developers write fewer codes and reduce the cakephp application development time. The pattern has three layers like Model layer for database application, View layer for the implementation of the graphical user interface and Controller layer for business logic. Every layer can be worked independently of the others. This feature helps to make the whole process faster, smoother and less complex. You should always hire experienced cakephp developers for your cakephp web development projects.

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