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How can I remove duplicate rows?

How can I remove duplicate rows?

How can I remove duplicate rows?

Some Days ago , was searching for the best way to remove duplicate rows from a fairly large table (i.e. 300,000+ rows).

The rows of course will not be perfect duplicates because of the existence of the RowID identity field. and i found two good solutions.

Lets say a Table

RowID int not null identity(1,1) primary key,
Col1 varchar(20) not null,
Col2 varchar(2048) not null,
Col3 tinyint not null

Solution 1 :

--Assuming no nulls, you GROUP BY the unique columns, and SELECT the MIN (or MAX) 
--RowId as the row to keep. Then, just delete everything that didn't have a row id:

FROM MyTable
   SELECT MIN(RowId) as RowId, Col1, Col2, Col3 
   FROM MyTable 
   GROUP BY Col1, Col2, Col3
) as KeepRows ON
   MyTable.RowId = KeepRows.RowId
   KeepRows.RowId IS NULL

CONVERT(uniqueidentifier, MIN(CONVERT(char(36), MyGuidColumn))) 
--instead of MIN(RowId) if you have a GUID instead of an integer

Solution 2 :

delete from dupes
from MyTable dupes, MyTable fullTable
where dupes.dupField = fullTable.dupField 
  and dupes.secondDupField  = fullTable.secondDupField 
  and dupes.uniqueField > fullTable.uniqueField

Hope you have enjoyed to read this post,
let me know if you have more suitable suggestions.

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Good Day [/ Night] ! Happy Google + ing ! 



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