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How do you perform an IF…THEN in an SQL SELECT ?

How do you perform an IF…THEN in an SQL SELECT ?

How do we perform an IF...THEN in an SQL SELECT statement?

For example : 

SELECT IF(Obsolete = 'N' or InStock = 'Y';1;0) as Salable, * FROM Product

The CASE statement is the closest to IF in SQL and is supported on all versions of SQL Server

SELECT CAST( CASE WHEN Obsolete = 'N' or InStock = 'Y' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS bit) as Salable, * FROM Product

You only need to do the CAST if you want the result as a boolean value, if you are happy with an int, this works:

SELECT CASE WHEN Obsolete = 'N' or InStock = 'Y' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END as Salable, * FROM Product

CASE statements can be embedded in other CASE statements and even included in aggregates.

SQL Server Denali adds the IIF statement which is also available in access: 

SELECT IIF(Obsolete = 'N' or InStock = 'Y', 1, 0) as Selable, * from Product

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