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Things to be Included by Freelance Web Developers in Their Contract !

Many Freelancer Web Developers want to create effective and clear contract, but they don't have sufficient resources or information about it. This article is aimed to provide detailed information about things which should be present in one ideal freelance web developer's contract.

Working as Freelance Web Developer offers great amount of flexibility and freedom without any doubt, but it also need to go through certain legal issues sometime, at that time one thing that plays key role is legal contract or agreement signed by clients. Many freelancers never pay attention towards it, but it is very crucial and important document for freelance web developers as there is no rule or law dedicatedly designed for freelancers, having contract can serve as legal document in the event of dispute with clients.

Checklist for freelance web developer's contract:

1. Mode of Payment. It will clearly mention the method of payment as well as mention terms related to payment made by clients.

2. Contract Termination. It will include brief details about if the contract or agreement is broken by any of web developer or client than what action could be taken.

3. Changes or rework. This will clearly mention what kind of changes or rework you are going to provide in particular project.

4. Clearly mention what is included in your technical service, maintenance and technical support. It is essential to include this clause in contract as it will clarify what kind of service you provide in maintenance or technical support. It will also mention whether you will charge them for post production or you will provide it free.

5. Project Start up and end date. This is most common stuff that is included in every contract to provide project completion time.

6. Project related contents like images/texts. This clause shows that who is going to provide the project related contents like images, logo, texts or anything else and also mention by what time they are going provide all these details.

7. Project Development Specification. This is core part of contract and plays very vital role in it. It generally showcases which kind of services and technologies you are going to use for the project development. It should highlight all the requirements and issue related to project like coding standards going to be used by you, development platform, database details, SEO techniques used by you and many more. In short, it is one kind of detailed list of project requirements and what you are going to offer.

8. Information confidentiality. This shows that any information or data used during the project development will be totally private and confidential. Generally, clients may ask you to sign for the same.

9. Sole agreement. It will clarify that you are appointed to do some specific work related to particular project and anything apart from that won't be included as part of work and may need to sign another contract for it. It helps you to avoid doing things for which you are not aware of.

10. Include basic information like name, address and other contact details of client as well as yours at the beginning of the contract. Just make yourself clear about what role you are going to play in client's project and do mention it within contract.

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