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Things to Consider Before You Start Working As a Full Time Freelance Web Developer

Freelancing is a huge responsibility and you have to be serious enough to leave your job. Consider the factors I have mentioned here and if you think you are ready, then leave the web development company and start freelancing
Besides all these things you should be prepared to handle all the financial details of your business. You have to maintain your account and send invoice to the clients.

  • You Are Strong in Networking- You must have a strong network to establish yourself as a freelance web developer. Open an account in social networking sites and start bonding with other freelancers. When you have several friends in your network, you can ask them for guidance or outsource some part of a project to deliver the project on time.

  • You Have Directly Worked With Clients before- When you work as an in house web developer, you seldom meet the client face to face. Though, if you are a team leader, you may meet the clients regularly to discuss about the projects. To be a good freelancer you must know how to handle the clients. You have to write your own business proposal, negotiate the rates, and regularly get the client's feedback.

  • You Are Confident Enough to Handle Every Issue- In a website development company you work as a part of a team. If you face any difficulty, you can ask other developers for their help. However, when you are a freelancer, you are flying solo. If you face any web programming issue, you have to solve it alone. Unless you are absolutely sure about your expertise, don't suddenly start freelancing.

  • You Have a Portfolio Site- Every freelance web developer must have a great portfolio site to attract new clients. Showcase your best work in the portfolio site and give the contact information so that the clients can contact you anytime. If you don't have a portfolio yet, then start building one before you leave your full time job.

  • You Want More Responsibility and Freedom in Your Work-When you work in a web development agency; you have to handle the projects you are assigned to. You can't choose the clients or the type of work you love to do. If that bothers you too much, then you should start your career as a full time freelancer. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. You have to look for the clients, design the site, handle the programming part and offer technical solutions. Be prepared to handle all these responsibility before you jump into freelancing.

  • You Are Ready to Work for Long Hours- Many people think that freelance web developers spend hours of free time and work only for a couple of hours. However, that is not true. Freelance developers enjoy the flexibility in work, but they spend countless hours to develop a website. Don't forget that once you start freelancing you won't have the typical 9 to 5 working hour. If you can't handle the work pressure, you should not leave your job.

  • You Can't Handle Your Part Time Freelancing Clients- Lets assume that beside your job you also work as a part time freelancer. If many potential clients are asking you for your service and you are turning them down due to shortage of time, then you are ready to leave your job and pay more attention to freelancing.

  • You Can Handle the Instability in Income- The biggest difference between an employee of a website development company and a freelancer is fixed income. When you work in a development company, you get a fixed salary at the end of the month, but when you work as a freelancer, sometimes you make more money than a regular employee and sometimes you get less money than you expect. It all depends on the number of projects you handle every month. You should be prepared to handle this fluctuation in income to be a full time freelancer.

  • You Have Saved Money to Handle the Initial Slow Start- When you will leave your job and start freelancing; it will take some time to find clients. In the first few months you may face a shortage of income and you should be prepared to handle it before your start freelancing. You should save enough money to cope up with the situation.

Freelance Web Development is a lucrative profession, but often web developers get confused deciding when they should move from a full-time job to full-time freelancing. Their dilemma is that if they move too early, they may not get many projects and their career will suffer. On the other hand, their hesitations to take the risk often make them wait too longer. If you work in a web development company and planning to start working as a full time freelancer, here are some things that you should consider to know that you are ready for the change.

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