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How to popularize your Facebook Page

When you are getting involved to attract more people to your business via Facebook, it will seem to be an easy job like its making. Everybody cannot convince the people easily for getting likes, it’s simply like an art to make the current members engaged and thereby attracting more from their connections.This way is also known as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Online Marketing.  here are number of ways to popularize your fan page in an effort to increase its chances of being read by the masses.

1.Put your fan page URL in your email signature

How many Mails you sending daily ? putting facebook page url in to email signature can increase the ratio of your facebook page.

2.invite all of your friends (if you must)

you must have about 1000 one thousand friends on facebook, invite them by clicking the build audience > invite friends. if you getting even 10 % of likes from that then also it will increase +100. 

3.Put your fan page URL in your Keynote/PowerPoint slides

Whenever you present any speech, presentation, video,  the last slide I show is my contact info, complete with our organization’s fan page. Most people are already on Facebook, so it’s a no-brainer togive them an easy way to connect with you.

4. Add Like Box on your Website / Blog 

your website/ blog may getting more hits, the visitor may like your page while visiting your blog or website. you can check here how to add like box to Website or Blog

5. Invite your email contacts

You can send a invite to your yahoo mail, Gmail, Windows Live, Skype, outlook, rediff mail contacts, Also if you have csv kind of contact file then also you can upload it here.

6.Put your facebook page URL to your Twitter profile background

you can put your facebook page url to your Twitter profile background, like this  @BhaivnRana007.

7.Put a tag in your YouTube videos

If you make compelling videos as a part of your content marketing strategy, throw in a well-timed fan page link at the end of your YouTube videos.

you can see in this video, some tags is there for redirecting user to other link.

8.Ask fans to post a link

Ask all of your current fans to post a link to the fan page on their personal profile. As long as you don’t ask this often, I’ve found that people love to help out. Leverage the power of your existing audience and get results!

9.Put a link on your personal Facebook profile

Put this under the “links” section. This is a “soft sell” of sorts, letting your friends passively know about your page. You might have forgotten that people actually check that part of your profile!

10. Put your fan page URL on your business cards 

Combine offline and online by letting the people you meet IRL know about your fan page.

11.Customize your fan page URL

Vanity URLs are a fantastic way to make your fan page memorable. Check this awesome fan page 

12.Put a fan page widget on your blog or website 

You’d be amazed at how many people simply don’t know about your fan page. Putting it on your website (i.e., your home base) will get it in front of all of your website visitors. 

13.Ask your Twitter followers to join your fan page

Give some compelling reasons why your Twitter base should join your Facebook community. If Twitter is the new water cooler, think of your fan page as an invite to come in and chat.

14.Tag other, well-trafficked fan pages in your updates

 Their fans might see your page and you may get some cross-traffic.

Hope you have enjoyed to read this post,
let me know if you have more suitable suggestions.

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