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PHP Project Outsourcing Vs Freelance PHP Developer Vs Dedicated PHP Developer

PHP Project Outsourcing

The client's role would be limited to giving specifications at the time of outsourcing, leaving the outsourcing vendor to work on project as they saw fit. 
This had been the most preferred outsourcing method with IT firms for all kinds of IT outsourcing. They would often outsource entire projects to IT outsourcing companies in India, which would then take charge of the project completely.However, the biggest disadvantage of PHP project outsourcing is that a company has absolutely no control once it outsources a particular project. Project outsourcing works out more expensive than either hiring a freelancer or a remote employee because a company ends up paying for the services of an entire team rather than an individual worker. 

Freelance PHP Developer 

Being more cost-effective than the other two options is what gives the PHP freelancer an edge over the others. They are the most common choice for short-term and low-budget projects that do not require too much collaboration or communication between the client and the freelancerA freelance PHP developer probably works for more than just one IT client at a time.
Handling several deadlines simultaneously can mean that your project may not get the priority it deserves if the freelancer happens to contract a higher-paying assignment. However, because of the freelance PHP developer's multiple commitments, working with them can often be a risky affair. The freelancer is also not a dedicated resource like a remote employee. Data security and professionalism is always an issue with a freelancer since no contract has been signed with them and there's an absence of a system of checks. Failure to meet deadlines is fairly common with freelancers.

Dedicated PHP Developer

PHP development calls for the latest technology, hardware and software – all of which is easily accessible from the vendor's office.Easily the best option today. A remote or virtual PHP developer is as good as a local, physically present employee. They work from the safe, controlled office environment of the outsourcing service vendor as opposed to in isolation from home like a freelancer.
 Collaboration and communication is very easy, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used by the vendor. Since the dedicated PHP developer has been selected by you after a very thorough dual screening process, he or she would always be someone who is almost 'customized' to suit your requirements.

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