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A Guide to Freelancers : How to Manage and Organize Multiple Freelance Projects Successfully

A Guide to PHP Freelancers : How to Manage and Organize Multiple Freelance Projects Successfully

  • Every freelance job requires timely delivery, keeping quality of the work intact. It does not matter how many projects you are handling, how different they are from each other and how difficult they are to perform - accuracy, speed, spontaneity and quality are the must to consider factors for all employers. Therefore, time management and goal setting becomes inevitable for every individual out on job. Unless they maintain a structured and preplanned work habit, optimizing productivity and gaining efficiency in job is not possible. Freelancers too have a social life and they should retain work-life balance.

  • Here in this post we will discuss a few essential tips that will help you organize multiple freelance projects online.
  • Join social business networking sites and communicate with your clients real-time. Thus you can discuss any project related matter to any number of clients anytime you want. Such portals are good for freelancers to get to know each other. Building networking relationship with large number of clients and then continuing regular interactions with them would sure increase the speed and accuracy of your service. Keeping a track of project updates and client feedbacks also becomes easier when you join a community-based platform.
  • Timely and routinely reporting is also a necessity. Most of the clients want detailed report on work progress once in a week or twice in a month. They are so thorough that you cannot think of anything less than they expect and you promised to deliver.
  • If you are working on multiple projects in a day, it is better to divide your work hours. Instead of taking up both at a time, freelancers should be dedicated to single assignment before switching to another.

  • Plan a schedule for each of the projects and fix individual targets on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Review the entire work you do in a day and devise plan for next day work. In case, there is sudden change in project deadlines or volume, keep a copy of the updates. You can record it in daily planner for future reference. Setting up small targets each day and then consistently working on it throughout a month would give you sigh of relief.
  • Focus on your personal goals and employer's business objectives. Combine each other and work together for a common goal. Write down a summary of client's requirements and list down all the activities and supplies that you need to accomplish the project.
  • Prioritize your projects and compile a list of it on paper. Freelancers often need to work on stringent deadlines, client's specifications, and routinely reporting. More the organized way one can handle multiple assignments, better the output and reputation freelancers can expect in minimum effort.
  • Prepare notes for each of the projects you work on. It is crucial that you detail each of the action items and follow ups on it and thus keep a track of the overall progress.
Maintain a calendar:
  • Make a note of the dates for all deadlines and meetings in a desk calendar and a daily planner. You can also use desktop calendar or Microsoft outlook to set important milestones. Circle dates on the desk calendar and add a short description to it for quick reminders. If you can use outlook's calendar and notification system, it is the best. There are project management software available in market that can help manage your projects starting from job scheduling, deadline management to payment system and record maintenance.

Design a file system:
  • Once sign up process for all projects is complete, take a notebook and write down all project details on it. Have a paper copy of everything you note. Keep separate folder for each of the projects and label them accordingly. Using a file cabinet for this would be extremely helpful. You can label the folders as per their project names and then set them alphabetically for easy access. Every time you have new assignments in place, store them in individual folder.
Know your employers and their expectations:
  • It is important that you interview each client thoroughly and understand their requirements, targets, instructions and other necessary points. Get to know the assignment facts, project deadlines, contact details of project.
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