Friday, October 19, 2012

What to Look For While Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers or PHP Freelancers ?

PHP Development Services in India - Qualities that you must look for while hiring dedicated developers:

  • Ask how the number of hours they will devote to your project and make sure that they give regular work reports in case you have decided to hire dedicated PHP developers.
  • Always choose a web development company as per your requirements. Suppose you need a programmer for an e-commerce site that it is more beneficial to choose a developer that has more experience in developing both custom and e-commerce sites.
  • Ask about their PHP programming strategies and SEO strategy as the part of the proposal to compare it to other php application development companies in India.
  • Ask for the total number of dynamic website developers that will be working on your project.You must ensure that who will own the rights of the website and the content after the completion of the project.
  • Second and the most important step would be the years of experience of the web development company. Choose a PHP programming company that has a track record of 5 years or more. Examine the proficiency of dynamic website developers by asking questions about the development program.
  • Nothing can describe the quality of the developer as good as his work, make sure to review their portfolio to judge the quality and expertise of the developer. You may also read client testimonials or ask for the reference of their clients and call to ask them about the quality of the service.

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  2. Today's a lot of companies are hiring for the best PHP Developers and I am thankful that I found this blog because it will help us to know what would be the best qualities of a PHP developer is. Thanks.


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